Since Oracle's Business Intelligence Discoverer Statement of Direction issued in March 2014, Oracle users have been contemplating the options, challenges, and opportunities to replace Discoverer in their future Oracle roadmap. While many organizations initially considered the option of replacing Discoverer with OBIEE, now they are looking for additional options, none of which truly address the most critical issue that these organizations face – “How do we replace the Discoverer reports our users have been running for years that our organization has leveraged to understand our ERP data?

Irrespective of user familiarity, Oracle Discoverer’s extended support has reached its end of life! Yes, it is in sustaining support, but the risk of continuing to rely on an unsupported reporting solution is something which strategically oriented organizations will avoid. Here, we will look at an option which can be the answer for a company looking for a 360-degree solution.

While your company must have made significant investments in being functional with Discoverer, why not consider this transition phase as an opportunity to provide your users with: greater functionality, access to data from multiple systems ( Oracle EBS, any other databases like SQL Server, MySQL, MSSQL Server, Cloud Systems like Salesforce, NetSuite, Oracle Cloud), and different and easier modes of use and still leveraging the investment made in Discoverer for years? These are just a few of the opportunities to consider the potential impact on your organization’s bigger picture goals and business drivers.

CloudIO dataSense can convert your existing Discoverer reports to a user-friendly web interface in simple steps. While CloudIO dataSense provides familiar functionality similar to Discoverer, it also gives some extra useful features such as leveraging the standard Oracle security features such as responsibilities, profiles, operating units, etc. Users also have most of the Excel-like filters including import/export, advanced search, and dynamic drill down layouts, all with the added benefit of real-time data. Users can also easily save their own highly custom searches and quickly create personalized views.

Many Oracle E-Business Suite users have come to rely on Discoverer as their go-to reporting tool for interactive analysis of their EBS production data. Due to the sunset of Discoverer, many companies are looking for a lower-cost option with a faster return on investment that facilitates operational reporting with real-time data, rather than a comparatively more expensive and longer implementation cycle enterprise-class business intelligence toolset.

CloudIO dataSense is the user-friendly replacement for Oracle Discoverer. We’ve observed that Discoverer users need the ability to create their own reports and to analyze real-time data from their Oracle ERP to perform their daily job functions. However, Oracle has officially removed support for Discoverer, and even though Oracle’s Business Intelligence toolsets are powerful, many find them to be excessive for what most customers were previously doing with Discoverer. This problem is particularly relevant when companies plan to upgrade their Oracle ERP and realize that Discoverer reports must be remediated as part of the project.

CloudIO dataSense is a powerful and flexible reporting solution that supports faster, more informed and accurate decision-making by:
  1. Assisting in identifying new profitability and productivity opportunities throughout the enterprise.
  2. Consolidating dashboards with data from various sources creating flexible and interactive KPI’s
  3. Querying data and display information for an interactive experience without the need for specialty IT programming skills.
  4. Generating compelling visualization of critical data that is fully interactive.
In conclusion, CloudIO dataSense is low maintenance and does not require any technical coding. Any user can easily learn as its very user-friendly, functionally rich and flexible. When factoring in the costs of various Discoverer replacement options, dataSense is also an extremely good value for money option in the marketplace. Therefore, we invite companies considering a Discoverer replacement project to invest their time in better understanding how CloudIO’s dataSense could be a one-stop solution for all their reporting needs.
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