CloudIO Inc. today announced that its Board of Directors has recently appointed Ajit Dixit as Chief Executive Officer and Member of its Board of Directors.

"CloudIO needs business leadership to continue its rapid growth," said Sreenivas Thammaneni, CloudIO's Founder and Chairman of its Board of Directors. "The Board feels that Ajit is the perfect person with the right leadership talent to lead CloudIO through its growth and delivery of the most innovative products. Ajit shares our company's commitment to creating products that provide quick user-friendly input and output from ERP systems. Our products generate significant efficiencies and cost-savings for customers."

Prior to joining CloudIO, Ajit held senior executive management positions with several large highly-regarded Fortune 500 companies such as Wipro, Allergan, Medtronic, Amgen and Baxter International.

"The products CloudIO offers are unique and extraordinary," Ajit said. "CloudIO products make input and output from ERP systems amazingly swift and easy. In my observation, no other products match CloudIO product capabilities in modernizing user-experience for enterprise and legacy systems. This is a major opportunity to have all businesses with ERP and legacy systems gain the vast benefits of using CloudIO products."

CloudIO also announced that Sreenivas Thammaneni will continue to be Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, focusing on CloudIO's key capability; development and implementation of cutting-edge products using the most modern technology.

CloudIO Inc. enables companies to maximize return on their ERP investment by providing products that make input and output from ERPs meaningful, fast and effective.