"I am not telling you it's going to be easy, I Am just telling you it's going to be worth it" - Art Williams

This is a usual line we quote to our clients while advocating our love for Agile Development Methodology. At CloudIO we are always in praise of Agile because of the simplicity and benefits it brings along. Modern software development projects are subjected to turbulent business environments characterized by unpredictable markets, changing customer requirements, and advent of new disruptive technologies. Enterprises today need solutions that are quick to build, easy to deploy, simple to use and flexible to change.

Agile Software Development Methodology offers promising approaches for contemporary software development projects to deal effectively with these challenges. Agile offers a bunch of core benefits that add tremendous value to the product, people and processes involved with it.

The beauty of Agile is in its incremental development model and shorter release cycles. These shorter cycles help product owners and developers identify any loopholes or problems well in time and take corrective actions. Unlike traditional software development where requirement specification for the entire product is gathered first and the entire project developed, deployed and tested in whole, shorter product cycles in Agile help product owners take timely measured decisions. The possibility of last minute surprises and delays is greatly eliminated with this approach.

Enterprises are often subject to constant change owing to different transformations happening in their internal or external environment. Agile Development Methodology is designed to accommodate these changes. As agile is executed in stages it can adopt these changes without any hassle.

Customer Delight
Agile Software Development Methodology enforces a close customer engagement throughout the software development cycle. This aspect makes the implementation process very effective as the customer can monitor his requirements coming to life and alter any points that he wishes. As the customer is constantly involved, he knows at the end of every iteration, how the entire project is shaping up. If desired he can request for any changes or take timely corrective actions. This engagement leads to high customer satisfaction too and the continuous feedback loop also benefits the developers..

Prioritize and Deliver
Agile follows a systematic approach of first creating the absolute basic essentials of the products and then building on it, This approach of incremental iterative development leads to better project management, budget, resource and time management

Happy Teams
Agile believes in involving all stakeholders of the project in all iterations of the development. This inclusive philosophy helps a great deal in maintaining transparency and visibility within the teams. Each associate is aware of his responsibilities and expectations, timelines, schedules and goals with respect to the project. This knowledge helps foster better relationships and garners better results.

Above mentioned points are just a few amongst the many benefits that Agile Development Methodology offers. At CloudIO, we have Agile Methodology at the core of our development process. We have it in our internal systems, our solutions, and the products we build is essentially based on Agile - it is in our DNA. Moreover, Agile fits well with lean philosophy and at CloudIO we believe that the potential synergy that comes from the combination of both these areas will pave the way for a promising future of contemporary software.

If you'd like to know more about Agile Development Methodology write to us at platform@cloudio.io or visit us at our cloudio.io.