Despite being very young, the 21st century has already spawned a size-able brood of daunting management challenges. The environment that faces this century's businesses is more volatile than ever. Enterprises are burdened with challenges from different quarters - whiplash change, fleeting advantages, technological disruptions, seditious competitors, fractured markets, omnipotent customers, and rebellious share-holders. For enterprises to stay ahead the only strategy is to stay new with innovation and react quickly.

It is imperative for the enterprise solution providers too to be quick to change, remove slack from its operations and keep pace with the changing times.

However, looking at the ground reality, today's enterprise platforms are often anything but quick.  Most modern enterprise platforms may be scalable and robust, and may support and carry out a business but they also are monolithic, complex, rigid and most troublingly inflexible, and as a result they are slow to react to the constantly changing customer and business requirements. Moreover, these business platforms come with high license and maintenance costs, steep learning curves, increased dependency on vendor and developer resources and long project timelines. In short, these business processes which are expected to fuel an organization's growth can prove to be the very cause of their doom if not tamed properly.

This situation calls for a change, for innovation, for an iconic product that can lift the industry from the shackles of age-old practices. And here’s where we have been incredibly successful, in removing all the weeds and creating processes and solutions that are as nimble as change itself.

Following are the areas where we have developed revolutionary processes that have fastened development cycle, improved efficiency and lowered costs in enterprise applications.

Keep it Short and Simple: Traditional Software Development Life Cycle are lengthy and arduous and run for days before the product comes to life. Despite the time taken, more often than not there is a good chance of major differences in actual needs and the product-in-hand.

With CloudIO, this problem is addressed with the agile platform that allows you a plug-and-play setup of different functionalities. The beauty of our development methodology is its incremental development model and shorter release cycles. These shorter cycles help product owners and developers identify any loop-holes or problems well in time and take corrective actions. Unlike traditional software development where requirement specification for the entire product is gathered first and the entire project developed, deployed and tested in whole, shorter product cycles help product owners take timely measured decisions. The possibility of last minute surprises and delays is greatly eliminated with this approach.

Our platform is easy to use with a simple drag and drop approach and an intuitive user-interface that can convert any idea or requirement into a working product within a few days. Our Business application platform uses model-driven development to rapidly deliver adaptive applications that are easily configurable and promptly deployable.   
Re-use, Reduce, And Re-cycle:  In any business the core non-functional aspects are the same. There maybe a few variations but the underlying concepts remains unchanged.  At CloudIO we have all these standard functionalities already built into the platform. We have also taken care of the routine tasks and aspects which are regularly required in any set-up. These built in-functionalities help us design and deploy applications faster, with less resources and cost.

Freedom from Costly Licenses: Traditional enterprise applications are developed in an IDE Environment. The biggest drawback of IDE based applications is their restrictive and expensive license based revenue model, which makes it very expensive for companies. Moreover the cost of these licenses is directly proportional to the number of developers. So, a company with multiple developers ends up paying a hefty license fee to the vendor. This drawback is overcome in our platform which is browser-based. Our browser based application platform relieves company from the burden of costly license fees.

Quick Learning Advantage: CloudIOPlatform uses multiple technologies which are popular in market and popular amongst developers. This makes it easy for developers to build applications on our platform and reduces the development cycle. It also makes it easy for companies to find the right talent pool to develop applications on our platform, Even if a developer is not too well equipped with required skills - the maximum learning cycle to understand and build applications using our platform is as short as 2 weeks.

Moreover as we put a lot of emphasis on user-interface, we facilitate many tools to build intuitive and effective user-interfaces. Developers can build creative user-interfaces on our platform for their applications. These user-interfaces facilitate self-learning which helps the end-users, thus helping companies win-over their customers on the UI front. As application end-users have successful experiences with the UI it gives them confidence and motivation to explore more. This gives rise to a constructive self-learning cycle for end users too and shrinks their learning curve as well. This offers a dual advantage to our customers both on the developer front as well as on the customer front.

Happy Customers:  At CloudIO we believe in a close customer engagement throughout the software development cycle. This aspect makes the implementation process very effective as the customer can monitor his requirements coming to life and alter any points that he wishes. As the customer is constantly involved he knows how the entire project is shaping up. If desired he can request for any changes or take timely corrective actions. This engagement leads to high customer satisfaction and the continuous feedback loop also benefits the developers.

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