What’s in a name? A whole lot really. Name is a powerful thing. It’s the first thing that gives you an independent identity, first thing that is integral to your conception of who you are. So when we formed this company we wanted a name that was integral to all that we did. We wanted a name that defined us, that was an extension for what we stood for and promised to deliver. 

When we entered the ERP sector we found it to be stymied by limited choice of options, costly upgrades and frequent customisation among a horde of other issues. Neither the industry giants nor the consultants were keen on investing in research or contemporary technology to find a way forward. The industry was plagued with monolithic, expensive and time-consuming systems that were inflexible and rigid. Most ERP users were unhappy with the ERP implementation roll-outs and their results. In fact even the "best run businesses too were sapped of their energy".

Resolving the existing problems became the foundation of our company. Sorting the existing issues and correcting them with superior technology became our objective. Having been part of this Industry for long, we understood the pulse of our customer needs and delivering that became our vision. The bottom line was we needed a solution that would undo the existing problems, enhance the overall productivity and boost the ultimate 'output'.

This thought brought the IO in our company name. IO stands for the end-result we envision to deliver to each of our clients. So the “I” stands for the qualities of our end-result, our Output. In the "I " we see the value additions that we adorn our output with. Once we decided to have IO we wanted to blend it with our core offerings which were based on Cloud and thus evolved our company name "CloudIO".

Now that you know the philosophy behind our name, let us go through the 7I’s we absolutely vouch for in our product.

The CloudIO “I” Advantage

Inter-operable and Independent Solutions
With the advent of new devices and mobile enterprises, organizations need solutions that can work in different environments and be accessed from any machine. ERP is no longer limited being an on-premise solution, so even the ERP processes should be able to transition from cloud, to on-premise in a hybrid or two-tier set-up. Our focus therefore is to devise Inter-operable and Independent solutions that blend in any environment.

Instant Deployment
The biggest hurdle in adopting an ERP solution, in fact any legacy system based solution is the colossal amount of time required in its deployment. We therefore create Pre-built Modules using zero programming concepts that helps deploy our solutions with minimum downtime basically allowing instant deployment.

Innovative Options
To stay ahead in the game it is imperative to spin the wheel of innovation. Our strength lies in our ability to devise novel solutions that break the mold of monolithic set-ups and simplify solutions. Our enthusiasm for novel solutions and commitment to R&D helps us deliver Innovative New Options in the Enterprise Application space.

Intuitive Applications
A big issue that looms large on ERP setups in the reluctance of end-users in adopting the ERP solution. This reluctance largely is because of hard to use complex user-interfaces and navigation. At CloudIO we are therefore devoted in building self-learning DIY interfaces. We believe that building Intuitive Applications will help dispel the reluctance of end users. 

Intelligent Systems
With the combined power of analytics, statistics and data modelling - ERPs now offer a wealth of information at your finger-tips. A lot can be done with the information available in the ERP systems that can be used at forecasting and data driven decision making. We devise Intelligent systems on top of your ERP that makes it truly profitable.

ERP solutions, customisation and upgrades with their heavy costs make organizations bleed. They eat up most of the IT budget and occupy the highest place in the Capital investment of the balance sheet. This aspect is perhaps the biggest hurdle in the paths of organizations aspiring to adopt ERP solutions. At CloudIO, we put great emphasis on reducing costs and devising cost-effective solutions. At any point of time you will find us offering solutions that are way inexpensive than the market offerings.

Well that in short is the essence of our company name. Going ahead we look forward to create some iconic products on the way. To know more about @CloudIOPlatform and our solutions write to us at support@cloudio.io or visit us at cloudio.io.