In the journey of any organization, the two most memorable years are, the year the organization was born and the year it establishes its foothold in the market.

In that sense the year gone by has been an epic year for CloudIO.
Year 2014 saw us achieve multiple milestones, this is the year we have doubled the new customer sign-ups, established our presence across continents, and crossed the coveted mark in revenue.

It has also been a great year in terms of our solution offerings, as we developed the CloudIO Mobile Application platform. Our new mobile application is ready-to-go live with three of our esteemed clients. A remarkable year indeed!

As we bid adieu to the year 2014 and revelled in its success, the New Year welcomed us with another splendid start. The first day of 2015 saw CloudIO Inc. formally acquiring Telidos USA Inc. The synergies of this acquisition will equip us in delivering innovative and futuristic value offerings to our customers.

Our objective this year is to build more pre-packaged enterprise solutions on Mobile and Web platforms. We will continue our passion of building faster, simpler and effective frameworks to simplify and enhance business critical processes. We are sure that the year ahead will see a higher demand uptake of SaaS-based services and solutions. And we are confident that CloudIO will play an instrumental role in it.

Now as we gear up for the New Year, we would like to thank all those who have been with us throughout. Thank you for providing us with the opportunities and challenges to scale higher. Thank you for bringing colours of your faith, confidence, support and belief to our cloud, it has painted a beautiful rainbow for us. And here's a big cheer for many more to come!

Happy New Year 2015!